New York

Now that I'm older I go on vacations alone sometimes. There's still some camping, but not as much. I mostly try to go to places I've never been. This hasn't always proved to be the best idea.

I really hated New York. This picture pretty much sums up my experience. I liked the knish, but not the city. And not the people. (Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of really cool things and people in the big apple. I just had some of the WORST experiences of my life there... excluding break ups and break downs of course.) The only people who talked to me were crazy. I mean that. The kind that talk to garbage cans. They didn't talk to other people, but for some reason, they talked to me. Kinda cool, but still. Not that cool.

So to me New York is a lot of garbage filled vacant lots with chain link fences between you and the garbage. And some museums. The museums were nice. And the "California Style Burritos" were freakin hilarious.

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