A Photo Album

This is a journey best started at The First Photo and followed from the end of that page to the beginning of the next.

But some people want choices. They feel constrained without the freedom to choose which photo and story they get to see first, second, third... So for those few folks, who don't want to join in the fun of a journey from place to place, through time and memory, I've made a little index.

(Just remember, the index is put there for those without the spirit to join in the fun only. If you're COOL, you'll do it the right way.)

Index for the fun inpared

Me and Some Goats
Tioga Pass
Micky Mouse
New York
Back to my Youth
The Lap of Luxury
Dress Up
Without a Hat
More without Hats
Aw, Cake
Speaking of Cake
Back to Hats