Micky Mouse

Sometimes on family vacations we got to go to neat places, like the time we went to the "Dude Ranch" and rode horses for days and days, or the time we went on a Cruise and saw what the middle of the ocean is like, and sometimes we'd go places that every kid dreams of going to. Like Disney Land.

And every kid dreams of being the kid who gets to hang with Mickey. Mickey Mouse. The ultimate childhood personality, he even talked... (Well only on tv, not in person.) And every kid wants their picture taken with that big three fingered enigma. It's like a right of passage for anyone who lives near one of the Disney theme parks.

Unfortunatly I dont think Mickey had much control over his tactile experiences with his five normal fingers stuffed into the wacko three fingered gloves. He meant well, he wanted me to have a picture I could look back on when I was older, something I could show my grandkids...

But really, all he did was pull my hair.

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